Padre Migrante

Una guía para los ministerios migratorios


Sobre el P. Mike

Fr. Mike is a Redemptorist missionary priest who has spent much of his life working with people who often find themselves outside the ordinary structures of Catholic life in the United States. The Redemptorist are known as a community that strives to evangelize the “most abandoned” of society and the Church. 

After nearly 30 years dedicated to Hispanic ministry, Fr. Mike notes that “my attention to people of migration allows me the blessing of meeting Christ in the migrant.” He runs a Facebook page, “Padre Migrante.” He is also the author of the book Migrant Faith.


Acerca de

El Proyecto Web “Padre Migrante” busca celebrar nuestra tradición redentorista del ministerio de inmigrantes hispanos al tiempo que ofrece nuestros años de experiencia para ayudar a las iglesias locales a aceptar su llamado de acompañar a estas familias a través de una excelente atención pastoral.


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